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Who Am I?

I'm an illustrator from Arizona, now based in Greater Chicago. I graduated from the Ringling College of Art + Design in FL, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, in 2015.

I now illustrate Disney collectibles as a Product Designer at the Bradford Exchange. Outside of work, I keep myself busy with many freelance projects - from illustrating children's books to birthday party favors, to illustrating music album covers.

Ok But Really....Who Am I?!

The total opposite of a serious faced business professional! lol. I'm very personable. You'll never see me in a suit & tie or using fancy words. But I am very passionate and serious about my Art. I put my all into the work I create, and always have since I was in kindergarten. Living in Chicago I love visiting the museums as I'm always learning, and I'm at the zoo more often than I'd like to admit lol.

Originally I'm from Arizona. I grew up in a very small rural town where I was constantly around chickens, cows, turkeys...etc. I loved it! I wouldn't change anything, playing in the dirt/sand was my favorite! But naturally I wanted more opportunity for my goals. So going to art school in Florida was the next step I needed to take.


I knew I would be an artist since I learned to draw, and I knew it would be my career since 4th grade. Wasn't sure "how" lol, but I just knew it had to happen. As a kid I my first inspiration came from Disney movies. That's what I grew up on, and the songs & beautiful artwork is what inspired me to create art. Mix that with music and I had the perfect escape - even at a young age - from anything I was going through. 

I wasn't any "better" than the other kids, but I just kept up with it. During grade school it was just for "me". It wasn't until middle school I was told I had a "talent", and high school when I learned that "Yes you actually can make a living as an artist" lol. 

My second passion is music. I'm not a singer, a musician, or even know how to make music in anyway lol, but I love it. Although I mostly listen to R&B, Soul, Pop, & Hip Hop, I love any talented vocals across any genre. Something about the greats like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder put me into an "ultrafocus" mode. Where my creativity is heightened & I'm inspired. There has not been a time I draw/paint where I do not listen to music - it's that important to me! I could easily record a 2hr video "trying" to explain myself and still never find the words to describe how music influences my art. Before I keep rambling....

If you're just browsing or considering me for your next big project, thanks for viewing my art and learning a little more about me! I have email & social media links below, make sure to check out & me follow on instagram!

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