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I worked closely with Roc Nation to create various character & merchandise concepts for Mariah Carey's album "CAUTION", 2018 European Christmas Tour and 2019 25th Anniversary Christmas Tour. 
At this time those concepts are not authorized to show, except for this item. The Naughty/Nice pillow & shirt feature the "Bianca" cartoon I created.

These items were sold in New York City during MC's 25th Anniversary Christmas Tour. 

*Single & Tracklisting Artwork

Jordin Sparks Christmas

Jordin Sparks - Album Cover Design


Jordin Sparks - Single Cover Design

Mariah Carey - Merchandise/ Character Design 

Todrick Hall - Merchandise Design

Stevie Mackey - Single Cover Designs

Terrell Grice - Album Cover Design

Artwork was commissioned by Live Nation Merchanside to celebrate Mariah Carey's "Anniversary" on their social media channels.

Mariah Carey Art

LiveNation Merchandise - Social Media Illustration

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